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Commercial and Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Guildford | A Brief History of Scaffolding

Did you know that scaffolding dates back to prehistoric times? Evidence has been revealed at Lascaux, in south-west France, that those who dwelled in the network of caves discovered there used a framework to draw the now-famous Palaeolithic cave paintings over 20,000 years ago. Wooden scaffolding was used to erect the pyramids, and medieval monks trained as scaffolders in order to build churches.

Our scaffolding contractors may not use wooden supports these days but, at Band of Brothers Scaffolding, we acknowledge the ingenuity of those who erected similar frameworks before us. We’re a leading scaffolding company in the areas of domestic, commercial scaffolding, and temporary roof scaffold systems, with clients are based in Guildford and across Surrey.

Introduction of Modern Methods

Originally wooden branches or bamboo were used by scaffolders to erect frames, with hemp ropes tying the systems together. These time-honoured systems are still in use.

In the early 1900s, Daniel and David Palmer-Jones realised using ropes to secure the frameworks was not a completely secure method of erection. The ropes would slip or loosen over time. They initially invented Rapid Scaffixers, improving upon this to come up with the Improved Universal Coupler several years later. By the 1920s, scaffolding contractors were using standardised systems, providing a more secure base for their work. These are used today by companies worldwide.

Post-war construction saw the rise of scaffolding across the UK as the country sought to rebuild itself. Unfortunately scaffolding safety wasn’t taken as seriously as it is today. Workers worked in freezing conditions the higher they climbed, and employers didn’t think the supply of harnesses or clips were necessary.

At Band of Brothers Scaffolding, our contractors work to all regulations regarding safety on-site. Clients based in Guildford or the surrounding areas can be assured our domestic and commercial scaffolding, and temporary roof scaffold services, will be carried out with the safety of both our team and the general public a priority.

Working Improvements

Since the 1960s the introduction of plastic sheeting and portable heaters have improved the working conditions for scaffolders operating on-site during the winter months. Roofing systems protect both individuals and properties from heavy rain and snow. Safety checks are also performed every seven days to ensure the stability of structures and the security of everyone using scaffolding systems.

Even though we’re now living in a considerably more modern society, Band of Brothers Scaffolding’s domestic and commercial scaffolding, and temporary roof scaffolding, systems haven’t changed that much. Our scaffolding company still uses the same methods, albeit with steel tubing and a variety of safety procedures. But it goes to show how some ancient systems are in use today.

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