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Are You Complying with the Work at Height Regulations 2005?

We take the safety of our scaffolders extremely seriously at Band of Brothers Scaffolding, with continuous training and acknowledgement of the relevant regulations regarding the sector in which we operate. As a successful and renowned scaffolding company, with a number of clients in Farnham and the surrounding areas, our scaffolding contractors provide a range of domestic, commercial and temporary roof scaffolding systems whilst focusing on scaffolding safety for all parties concerned. 

Please visit our previous works to see the safety methods we employ during our domestic and commercial scaffolding projects.

What is Working at Height?

An individual is considered to be ‘working at height’ if they are operating within the following parameters:

  • Working above ground or floor level

  • In danger of falling from an edge, through an unstable surface, or through an existing opening

  • At risk of falling from ground or floor level through an opening or hole in the ground

The rule does not apply to ascending or descending permanent staircases, nor falling on the level. A fall from height must refer to the accidental descent from one level to a lower one.

Are You Following the Law?

The main focus of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 is to avoid injury at all costs. Therefore employers, managers, owners of properties where work is taking place, and the self-employed must adhere to the following:

  • All relevant works are planned in advance with sufficient methods in place

  • Ensuring those who will be working at height are experienced and competent

  • Risk assessments are carried out and the correct safety equipment obtained and utilised

  • This safety equipment is checked and regularly maintained

  • Any unstable or fragile surfaces are addressed appropriately

For private homeowners in Farnham or the surrounding areas, it’s essential to use common sense when taking on external projects such as home renovations. Band of Brothers professional scaffolders share over five decades of experience in the domestic, commercial and temporary roof scaffolding industry. We’re the domestic and commercial scaffolding company you can trust for professional scaffolding contractors across Surrey and Hampshire.

For anyone working at height, it’s essential that individuals follow the correct procedures:

  • If possible, use extendable equipment to perform tasks whilst remaining at ground level

  • Where working at height is necessary, erect suitable scaffolding or use MEWPs

  • Install safety nets or other life-saving equipment if the risks involved are considered dangerous

Remember, you can never be too careful. Scaffolding is a safer and more secure option that allows you carry out a number of internal and external jobs without potential injury.

Please contact us at Band of Brothers Scaffolding to find out more about our scaffolding company’s domestic and commercial scaffolding, and temporary roof scaffolds. Serving Farnham and the neighbouring areas, our scaffolders are on hand to offer advice about setting up secure support systems for your project, and suggest ways to ensure the welfare of all involved.

As scaffolding contractors with an excellent safety record, we’re the company of choice for all your scaffolding requirements.

For more about our commercial scaffolding services in Farnham, call us at Band of Brothers Scaffolding on 07756 689786.

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