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Commercial Scaffolding and Temporary Roof Scaffolds in Farnborough  
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Scaffolding is an excellent access solution for improving safety and efficiency on building projects. From small DIY jobs and house repairs to new builds and commercial jobs, access scaffolding can benefit a wide range of projects. But is it necessary for your project? In short, scaffolders recommend using scaffolds wherever a risk assessment deems it necessary, or where it is a practical way to improve safety.

Below, our scaffolding contractors in the areas we cover look at key points to consider to determine if you need domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding. As an experienced scaffolding company, Band of Brothers Scaffolding provides the best solutions for each project, including temporary roof scaffolds.

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When to Use Scaffolding

If your project involves any of the following, you should call scaffolders for a professional scaffold installation:

  • Working at height

  • Working on multiple levels of a building

  • Working in bad weather

  • Working in an area with pedestrians

Working at height is very dangerous but a scaffolding company can help minimise risks. Both domestic and commercial scaffolding increase stability and prevent falls.

A scaffold also makes it quicker and easier to access different levels. No matter how tall the building is, our scaffolding contractors can build a structure which reaches every level and area you need.

If there is a risk of bad weather, a temporary roof scaffold can protect workers and the property. This helps reduce the risk of slips, falls and injuries, and stops weather damaging the building. In adverse weather, access scaffolding is also more stable than ladders and other access solutions.

If your Farnborough project is in an area where pedestrians are present, scaffolding increases safety for them as well as workers. This is because scaffold features help prevent falling objects.

Our scaffolders also advise using scaffolding if multiple people will be working at one time. Scaffolds provide a bigger, safer work area, resulting in greater efficiency.

Projects of Every Size

Although commercial scaffolding is common to see on building sites and high streets, scaffolding is not only for commercial projects. Scaffolding contractors provide access and temporary roof scaffolds for a vast range of projects, including smaller domestic jobs.

If you want to maximise safety and work speed, you should use scaffolding, no matter the size of the job. The following are some examples of projects our scaffolding company works on in the Farnborough area:

  • Roof and chimney repairs

  • Home renovations

  • Commercial renovations

  • Exterior painting and maintenance

  • House Extensions

  • Roof installations

  • New builds

  • Demolitions

  • Redevelopments

  • Substantial building repairs/restoration

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